It is my pleasure to welcome you to Dandaro Arts Centre. My name is Chaka and I am an Ontario-based stone sculptor and arts educator originally from Zimbabwe. I learned the stone sculpting tradition at the age of thirteen under the tutelage of an older brother. As an arts educator and social activist, I have taught both adults and youth. I founded the "Out of the City" summer camp in 2009, and have worked in numerous schools leading workshops in wire sculpting and beading, as well as marimba. I see my art practice as a survival technique and a form of translation. You can read more about my own sculpting here.


I began Dandaro Art Centre as a culmination of my artistic endeavors and ideas that I have been working on since I came to Canada in 2001. Rooted in the philosophy that the arts offer dynamic and unique ways to explore our world, our collective humanity, our diversity, and a way to appreciate the beauty and necessity of human expression, Dandaro Arts Centre proceeds from the belief that community is best expressed as a meeting place for the various intersections of culture. Fittingly, “Dandaro” means “a place to come together” in my first language, Shona. Dandaro Centre brings artists together to teach and learn from each other.

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